With myFltTime.com you will spend less time logging your flights. Less time logging and more time doing just about anything else you enjoy about flying or your life. And when you get that request to send your time breakdowns one way or another, you'll have it answered in just a few minutes.

Here are some operating instructions for logging, just a few key ideas that will get you off your logbook and back in the air quickly:

Quick start
You have seen the getting started and split time links on the documents index page. They are so key to getting your log book off a short runway, we just gave them to you a second time.
Log book entry
Where we describe how to make an entry quickly.
Where we explain how we derive your time breakdowns such as multi-engine, turbine, or tailwheel; how one edit sets you up forever with a type.
Instrument time
The FAA recognizes six different types of simulated instrument experience in different contexts. See how to track any of them with hardly a thought.

Tell us if you think logging can be made easier.

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