Log views & reports

With myFltTime.com you can see your flight time every way you need to slice it. Every view, every report is always up to date with your latest log entries. Tell us if there's a report or time breakdown you require that you are not seeing on myFltTime.com.

Flight log view
The pilot flight time log is your home page when you log-in. It is the base from which you will make new log entries.
Type log view
The type log view shows your time logged in a particular aircraft type. You can get the same for a particular tail number.
Experience summary
The experience summary shows flight log totals for each category and class, type rated aircraft, and qualities such as tailwheel, turbine, or complex.
Instrument experience
The instrument experience summary shows actual and simulated instrument time broken down by category and class, and by type rated aircraft.
Import - Export
On the Import - Export page, import entries from and export entries to CSV files.
Export from Azure
Export entries from the Azure flight management system.

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