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Getting Started
Read about how to get started with myFltTime by making an initial block entry for all of your accumulated time.
Split time
Learn how to split-out any special time, such as tailwheel, multi-engine, turbine, or time in type from your initial block entry.
Here are some operating instructions for logging, just a few key ideas that will get you out of the books quickly and back in the air.
Log views & reports
With you can see your flight time every way you need to slice it. Every view, every report is always up to date with your latest log entries. You can export and import your entries using CSV files.
Learn about using on your mobile device.
Pricing, Advantages
Read about how we charge, for value given, and about the value we offer
The waiting game
For those with any yearning for new horizons at the FBO, here are a few time tested occupations for entertaining time in civil company. Most are card games. A couple use pen and paper.

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