Why myFltTime.com?

Quick start

This pilot flight time log allows you to enter your initial flight time in a single block entry. The split function enables you to divide your block pilot log entry into any various flight time category, class, and/or type later. Immediately bootstrap time accumulated, then refine the time as your time, interest, and need require. View the quick start checklist.

Easy, up to date

Keep your pilot logbook up to date with minimum data entry. You get time classifications (such as SEL, MEL, turbine, tailwheel) by specifying the aircraft type. We remember the aircraft type you use with a tail number. We take care of computing totals for category, class, type, qualification, and recency. We keep your pilot time breakdowns and totals always up to date with your latest log book entries.


Have your pilot log book available 24x7 from anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser. There's nothing to install. Download your pilot time entries at any time to have a copy available on your personal computer. Print your logbook on demand. Email a PDF of your experience totals, always up to date, available immediately when you need it.


Store your pilot log entries on a server in a secure data facility with battery backup power, redundant storage, nightly backup, and 99.6% uptime. Keep your pilot log as safe as your bank account. Safe as your retirement account. You can't do better with your home computer or paper pilot log books.

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